Nepal: Civil War in Shangri-la

Nepal’s Kathmandu Valley in 2005 was the flashpoint of a 13-year old civil conflict that pitted a monarchy against pro-democracy forces and a popular Maoist uprising.

  • Ambulance – Kathmandu
    Ambulance – Kathmandu Exhausted ambulance workers take a break from transporting casualties of urban violence in Kathmandu.
  • Young Maoists – Patan, Nepal
    Young Maoists – Patan, Nepal Young Maoists display images of their leader, Pushpa Kamal Dahal, known as Prachanda 'The Fierce'.
  • Maoists at the Gate – Kathmandu
    Maoists at the Gate – Kathmandu Young men gather to hear Maoist leaders speak about building a new Nepal.
  • Maoist Mass Meeting – Kathmandu
    Maoist Mass Meeting – Kathmandu Tens of thousands of Nepalese celebrate the ouster of King Gyanendra and the rise of a new, Maoist-led nation.
  • The Peacemaker – Kathmandu
    The Peacemaker – Kathmandu A woman sits in between riot police and protesters to stop a street battle in Kathmandu.
  • Ministry Burning – Patan, Nepal
    Ministry Burning – Patan, Nepal While the military fights in the Himalayas, Nepal's cities descend into chaos. Here a group of children burns and loots the Ministry of Agriculture in Patan.